High frequency pvc belt welding machine

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High frequency pvc belt welding machine

PVC/PU conveyor belt welding machine
The machine utilizes high frequency electromagnetic field to make its internal molecular
rearrange.The effect of welding is beautiful and firm.And the strength of welding is close
to the strength of raw materials.

Product features:
1. Used for industrial belt,conveyor belt,transmission belt,baffle,side wall welding
2. Machine groove is deep and wide.It is convenient to weld large area.
3. Adopting high sensitive spark protect device to avoid damaging the mould.
4. Welding length can be extended to 700mm or longer for one time.
5. European model square high frequency vibration box,more stable in output.

Mechanical parameters:

Power Voltage3 phase,380VAC 50HZ
Input Power20KVA
H.F Power12KW
H.F Freauency27.12MHZ
RecrifierSilicon Diode 2CL
Electronic tube7T69
Working distance200MM
Drive modeBarometric pressure
Size of lower part600mm*400mm
Size of upper part750mm*750mm