Conveyor Belt Slitter with Winder and rewinder

Conveyor Belt Slitter with Winder and rewinder

conveyor belt slitter with winder and rewinder


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 Conveyor Belt Slitter with Winder and rewinder

Special designed for the longitudinal cutting of conveyor belts, belt width 1500mm, 2000mm,3000mm, 3400mm etc.


PVC PU PVK conveyor belts
Rubber conveyor belts
non-woven fabrics


1500mm, 2000mm,3000mm, 3400mm etc

Any special lengths can be customized .


1.Include Unwind unit, cutting unit and a Rewind unit
2.Strong axis, accords to different weight belt rolls and width, we can make special accords to your requirements.
3.Accords to different working requirements, can adjust the cutting speed.
4.Accommodates belts up to 1.5 meters or 3.4 meters. Wider available on custom order.
5.Guide rail prevents any lateral movement resulting in a perfect, straight cut of the belt, with a constant width
6.Electrical control panel including the speed control, frequency inverter, air clutch system control and emergency stop button.
7.The complete assembly is controlled by a control panel which is executed with speed regulation, frequency controlled cutting speed, frequency controlled rewinding, frequency controlled back winding.
8. One set main motor control the unwinder-rewinder and the winder to ensure the stable speed and good performance.
9. Three working positions: FWD forward-rotating, REV reversal reverse and natural position (with pneumatic clutch, is optional)
10.Mechanical length counter (ditigal length counter is optional), enables the cut length to be checked when cutting belt.
11.Fix blade with knife mounted on movable toolbar, standard is 5 knives, (more qty is optional) The knifes are manually put in and out of their cutting position.