3000 mm wide v guide strips tracking machine

V-Guide installing machine

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V-strip installing machine for 1500mm wide PVC PU conveyor belts  

Belt processing machine-Guide machine is a machine to use on small strip for welding on the conveyor belts.

pvc guide

Guide machine is made of frame, motor, frequency inverter, anititive roller, press pulley,guide pulley, worktable, welding machine etc.


Belt width(max): 1000 ~ 3000 mm are optional
Belt material: PVC/ PU
Belt thickness(max): 10 mm
Machine Power : 550 W-1.1 Kw  (recommend use heat gun 3000 W)
Roller width: 1000 mm
Running Speed(max): 0.2 m/s
Machine Net Weight: 230 KGs

1. High working efficiency , about 8 m /min ;
2. For different guide, use different mould , standard with mould sizes:6×4 mm ,8×5 mm ,10×6 mm and 13×8 mm, others can make accords to your requirements, like 17×11 mm,12*24 mm etc.;
3. Can use for endless belt;
4. High quality frequency inverter , easy to change the working speed ;
5. Grinding head is optional, for welding on fabric side use ;
6. Wheel- base design, machine can be moved easily;

Working processes video for Guide Welding Machine in Youtube:
Photos of Machine:


1. Welding System: heat gun (standard offer without heat gun)

2. Guide Mould can be easy change, and make special accords to your requirements

3. Horizontal and Vertical direction move system, can easy control the welding head position

4. Use motor and high quality frequency inverter to control the roller running and speed

5. The shaft can control the belt running on the belt can pause the welding without power off the power

6. Grinding head is optional, for welding on fabic side use
guide welding machine




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