15KW HF Welder for PVC PU conveyor belt edge sealed , cleats , flights,sidewalls, profiles ,guides installation

15KW HF Welder for PVC PU conveyor belt edge sealed , cleats , flights,sidewalls, profiles ,guides installation

Fixing press machine for PVC PU cleats , flights,sidewalls, profiles ,guides

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15KW HF Welder for PVC PU conveyor belt edge sealed , cleats , flights,sidewalls, profiles ,guides installation

High frequency welder with safety cafe and movable control panel.

The machine utilizes high frequency electromagnetic field to make its internal molecular
rearrange.The effect of welding is beautiful and firm.And the strength of welding is close
to the strength of raw materials.

Advantages :
1. Add a safe cage:build a safety cage around the machine and the operator can operate the machine from the outside, this would significantly reduce any risk from the machine in operation.
2. Movable control table: all the control buttons of the HF machine be moved to a separate control panel, the operator can work away from the machine which again reduces any risk of injury.
3. Two switch-on buttons:2 buttons are far enough apart ,the operator have to use both hands to start up the machine. This way both hands are away from the tool when the pressure is applied and there is less risk of trapping.

Product Features:
1. Used for industrial belt,conveyor belt,transmission belt,baffle,side wall welding
2. Machine groove is deep and wide.It is convenient to weld large area.
3. Adopting high sensitive spark protect device to avoid damaging the mould.
4. Welding length can be extended to 700mm or longer for one time.
5. European model square high frequency vibration box,more stable in output.

Mechanical parameters:
Model :( Customized Model) LY-HF-15KW
Power :15KW
Oscillation frequency: 27.12MHZ
Voltage:220V/380V TH-phase
Pressure mode: Pneumatic
Air pressure: 6Kg/cm2
Up-welding plate size(L*W):700*700mm
Bottom working table size(L*W):1150*850 mm
Effective heating area(L*W):800*800mm
Machine weight: Appx.700KGs
Package Dimension(L*W*H):1550*1050*2000mm
Gross weight: Appx. 750KGs

Machine working video:


Performance cases:

LOYICN HF welder performance on conveyor belt edge sealed


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